The Opel and the MINIs

Beastmaster and Peanut Adventures

The Peaks Run was our first Mini2 outing and it guaranteed that we were all hooked on mini adventures.

The meeting point was The Great Western Hotel in Derby. The run around the Peak District  was on the Sunday but we arrived on the Saturday afternoon and  enjoyed the Mini social scene with a pre run dinner in a local curry house. Here we got to put faces to some of the names on Mini2. Poppet (on his first mini run too), DK, S&M, Maxim, Smiffy, Leece, MiniCruiser to mention just a few, were all there and all adding to the fun. The run itself took us around some beautiful countryside, which made for some great driving and the mix of the great driving, the social side of it and the pure spectacle that it made hooked us on the mini scene. In essence this run was major for us because it was our first and because it was the one that got us hooked.

A ford crossing has become almost standard on a mini run menu. The first time - and this was our first time - can be a bit scary though, trust me! This is Poppet taken just as we enter the ford ourselves.

Throughout the run there are a number of rest and regrouping points, which gives everyone a chance to meet up and chat. It does, as you can see, make quite a sight when a pride of minis congregate!