The Opel and the MINIs

Beastmaster and Peanut Adventures

Le Mans 2008

Jaffa Racer organised a weekend to see the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in June 2008. The trip was based in Bagnoles de l'Orne about an hour from the race track. Bagnoles is a lovely small town, very clean and wonderfully picturesque and it made a superb base for the weekend. The event was fun from start to finish, with a great race, some superb driving on wondeful french roads and a great bunch of people to have a laugh with. Well done Kev for putting together such a fun weekend.

1. Jaffa Racer and Bob
2. Beastie and Peanut
3. MiniFriz and Begzie
4. Michelle and Dav51
5. PAA100
6. Emu_p

Midlands Breakfast Club

Every month the Midlands Breakfast Club meets on a Sunday morning at RAF Cosford to show off their automobile exotica. A selection of wondeful cars can be seen, a bargain breakfast can be had in the Museum canteen and finally a great tour of the aircraft museum can be had too - a fantastic day out and free too. Check out the Breakfast club here

DB Rally Caffeine Run

Our first run of the year was the DB Rally Caffeine Run in January.  This was a very early morning run broken up by breakfast at a greasy spoon halfway through the run and ending in a visit to a MINI tuning specialist. A perfect formula for a great morning and heaps of fun.