The Opel and the MINIs

Beastmaster and Peanut Adventures

The first major Mod for CooperBeast - the K & N Typhoon Induction Kit

The Typhoon Induction Kit was a very satisfying modification, which has given CooperBeast a wonderful growl and a little more edge on acceleration. It was an easy modification to do and took no more than half an hour for us to complete.

The next change was to devise a ram air system to direct the cold air to the intake. This was done using some guttering bought from a local DIY. Looks the part though.CooperBeast did a Rolling Road Test on the 18th March 2006 and made 130bhp on the rollers!

Then CooperBeast just had to have a Playmini exhaust


The TT style Playmini Exhaust looks just right on CooperBeast and sounds right too. Changing the way CooperBeast sounds has without doubt been the best modification we have done to him.

Here is a short film demonstrating the sound of the Playmini exhaust.



Changing a Foglight

CooperBeast broke a front foglight on one of the Mini runs and although it sounds like a small job changing a foglight on a mini, the fact is the complete front bumper has to be removed to do it.  Luckily this is not the case if it is just the bulb that has gone!

Peanut was in her element sorting this job out!

PugBeast got his turn with a Green Cotton Induction Kit

The Green Cotton Induction kit  looks handsome on the cayman green 206cc. When we fitted this we decided to leave the bottom half of the original induction kit on the car, to assist in directing cold air at the new filter.  The sound is perfect for the car. Loud enough but quieter than CooperBeast.


CooperBeast finally gets his sideskirts

We have been wanting to do this modification for so long we can't remember. Finally it is done and the new skirts really suit CooperBeast. New Mini Fin alloys have appeared too - an Ebay bargain in truth!


The 14th October 2006 saw a second set of Ebay fin wheels go onto CooperBeast, this time in white and the brakes from CheckBeast were painted red and fitted to to CooperBeast.

CheckBeast gets a Works kit

Finally CheckBeast gets his chance to join the modders!
On 14th August 2006 he had a Works kit and Works spoiler fitted. A week later the Works brakes were added. To complete the look The front grill was painted pure silver and pure silver aero side skirts were added, along with an aero rear bumper in space blue.
Power was increased to 210bhp and the 0-62 mph reduced to 6.6 seconds!

Finally CheckBeast gets his chance to measure his Works performance.

On 3rd March 2007 CheckBeast went on a rolling road at Powerstation in Tewkesbury where he produced 228.4 BHP! Confirmation that he has been performing up to scratch and with handling to match - courtesy of the recently fitted JCW suspension CheckBeast is truly a fully fledged fine example of a BMW MINI Works!

Click pic for

Rolling Road results

ClubBeast gets His Mods Too!


Standard Clubman S 

Pepper white / black roof supplied from new with:

Chilli pack, multifunction steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, cream line interior, piano black trim, Crown Spoke 17" alloys and darkened rear glass.



The Modding Process: Dealer fitted from new we had black front spot lights and chilli red super wind resistant wing mirrors and a black roof mounted rear vortex generator.



Day 1 saw the addition of 18" JCW R105s in matt black. These instantly changed the whole look of the car and gave it a much more purposeful look.


Day 14 saw the addition of Stage One of his Graphics upgrade with pinstriped viper stripes. These were black over the bonnet and rear doors and pepper white over the roof with vision vinyl over the sunroof. All accompanied by pinstripes to outer edges. the two A panels to the rear of the fron tyres were also wrapped in black vinyl. Work was carried out excellently by Phil at Mini Pirate

Day 22 saw the addition of a set of Eibach Springs lowering the car by 25cm. This has improved the handling immensely and given the car a meaner lowered look. The work was carried out excellently by A Worcestershire based New MINI and SMART specialist.

Day 28 saw the addition of Stage Two of his Graphics upgrade with  pepper white Cooper Laurels on his Black A-panels, his BP500-3 roof decal and his logos - all courtesy of Mini Pirate. He also got Rear door reflectors (U.S. Style) and JCW bubble badges for the Glovebox.

Day 45 saw the changing of the front grill surround from chrome to the black JCW grill surrounds.

The Malvern Mini Show saw a modest mod - the addition of a John Cooper decal to the front bumper!

The latest mod is colour coded sideskirts which are about an inch and a half lower on the sides.