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The Review

43 cars turned up for this year's Malverns Run and helped make it possibly the best ever Malverns Run! On the Saturday before the run 16 MINIS turned up at The Marlbank Inn for a pre-run party and camping. Long awaited beautiful weather guaranteed that the evening was a fun one and after last year when we got half a dozen campers it was great to see us take over the field. The atmosphere was superb.

For the first time we did the run without pace notes and went for meticulously tested .itn files and Tomtom navigation. Yes people still lost their way a bit, yes people took wrong turns, yes people swore blind that they hadn't missed a turn when they had but with over 60% of the drivers equipped with Tom Tom, there was always someone along who knew their way and everyone found their way to the regroup and lunch stops! Not everyone likes it, but from a safety aspect it is far better. Cars went at their own pace and the run could split into smaller more manageable groups without everyone getting lost which avoided a lot of the congestion problems you can get with large runs. For the doubters - just try it with us next year!

Two legs in the morning followed by a buffet lunch in the glorious sunshine at The Marlbank - big thanks to the guys there, you did a great job for us all - and a longer final leg in the afternoon! We led a small group ourselves on this last leg and two things struck me - wow I loved the scenery (it had been raining all the time when we were testing the route) and boy was ithe driving intense when you are the lead car and every other bend is a blind one! Great fun but an hour or so of that and you really know you have done it.

The main players on the run hailed from MINI2 and the clubs local to the run Newminiseverns, Miniaddiction and and me and Peanut would like to thank all of you for  coming along and supporting the run and of course for your fantastic company - you are all the stars in any good run!

Anyway here are some photos from the run!    FLICKR SLIDESHOW    PHOTOS

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The run itself will be on the Sunday as usual. However, some will have a fair bit of travelling to come to the run, so we have camping and a fun get together on the Saturday before the run. We will be on site at the campsite from about 3pm onwards, so any campers please join us for food al fresco or a pub meal. The camping and B&B (3 rooms) is at The Marlbank Inn. We used this spot last year and it is ideal. Basically it is camping in the grounds of the pub which will be open until 1am!!!! the pub has reserved their whole field for the mini run so if we can fill the field with MINI campers we will have a hoot! For those who don't fancy camping, if you are quick there are three rooms for B&B. Room prices £45 for a double, camping from £6 for two adults depending on size of tent.

What more could you want? Bookings should be made as soon as possible by phone, quoting MINI EVENT when you book. Tel No 01684 310603


When you have booked please let us know.

As with the previous two years, we have opted for a buffet style lunch. This is going to be a fiver a head and we will pm everyone on the run regarding this in due course. The buffet will be at the Marlbank Inn, who are setting up a marquee for us. This will enable us to all get fed and watered in a fraught free fashion, in a reasonable time frame that will ensure that the run sticks to schedule. As it should be a hot day we will be able to cascade into their gardens with our food. We are using the pub as a stop as it has good plentiful parking, which is a rare commodity in The Malverns in Summer and it hedges our bets should the weather be drizzly. We hope this appeals to everyone, but if anyone has any questions please PM me with them.

The Start point is the car park in Upton Upon Severn opposite the river and adjacent to the Texaco garage and as stated it is 10.00am for a 10.30 start. Toilets are available at the car park and petrol can be obtained at the adjacent Texaco garage - Optimax lovers need to plan ahead as nearest Shell garages are 15 miles away!

Here are the Tom Tom Files for the run. Start point Camp Site  Leg One  Leg Two  Leg Three

Peanut x

1. Beastmaster and Peanut Camping booked *
2. Matrog and Becca3003 *
3. The Jaffa Racers *
4. Chrisand jax *
5. Minifriz camping booked *
6. Carlos and Amalulucamping booked*
7. Scooby Doo *
8. TonyM and Marilyn *
9. Richard22b (+1) *
10. madjohn (+1) *
11. maggie444 (and Mrs)
13. Lucky Dave*
14. Splash*
15. k m s (and Mrs) *
16. hyperactive (and hyperdiane and Nitrous Carl)
17. PHIL T21 PCW and Stacey *
18. Seth *
19. Sonic and Mrs Sonic *
20. bluecooperS *
21. Emu_p & Panther Camping booked *
22. Minisoopercooper Camping booked *
23. MCDicky
24. ASTON Camping booked *
25. Cooper-minx*
26. Tigger, Eeyore and Roo Camping booked *
27. Robbie13 (Robbie and Yvonne) *
28. Lizziemini and CavemanCamping booked
29. Selina Camping booked*
30. ChillicooperS
31. Spike jr
32. stu2 (stu and kim)
33. schapman (stu and she)
34. Tommy (Debs and Nibby) * B&B booked
35. Begzie (Jayne and Lee)*
36. CooooooperSlad (+1)*
37. sjrainsford (& Clarissa)*
38. richard.crofts (+Lady Stig)*
39. Scrogg Camping booked*
40. Mad Brummie *
41. Darren +1
42. RVW and Storm *
43. Dav51 & JulieB&B booked*
44. Star Girl & Dealmaker*
45. griffer (&Patricia)*
46. MarcusMax*
47. Mich*