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Lake District Weekend 30th August 2007

Jaffa Racer from NewMiniSeverns organised a weekend in The Lake District staying at the Coledale Inn in Braithwaite. 6 minis joined in staying at the hotel and LizzieMini and Caveman came along too but staying at Lizzie's parents' home nearby. The players for the weekend were, Jaffa Racer and Carol, Emu_p and Panther, RVW and Storm, TonyM and Marilyn, Chrisandjax, LizzieMini and Caveman and of course Beastie and Peanut!

We arrived a day earlier than the main gang and spent the afternoon enjoying ice cream with Jaffa and Carol in Buttermere before dining out in a nearby restaurant for the evening where we were also joined by Lizziemini and Cavey. Simple easy going fun. The next day we charged off to Muncaster Castle where the weekender really began. We arrived to find TonyM and Marilyn and Emu_P and Panther already there. No sign of LizzieMini though which was odd as she knew the area best. RVW and Storm and Chrisandjax were also missing. Phone signals were just about non existant so it was all going a bit pear shaped. Nonetheless we went into the castle for a coffee while we waited and shortly after a somewhat coy Lizzie and Cavey turned up - delayed after locking themselves out of Lizzie's Mum's house! The problem with RVW and Chrisandjax was that Chris's sat nav refused to work (faulty cigarette lighter) and RVW was following both TomTom and Minis own sat nav. Too many Captains on that ship!

Eventually they got to the castle but so late that they begrudged paying so sneaked in the back way! They saw Jaffa briefly and said they would meet us at 3.30 after they had eaten. However, before 3.30 had arrived they had all been slung out on their ears for not paying! Still we found them eventually and got on with playing with a nice tasty drive back to the hotel. Dinner that evening was just the standard civilised affair that one has come to expect on these events and a fun time was had by all.

The next day started dull and rainy so a visit to Honister Slate Mine was arranged which proved very interesting. The mine fell into disuse after it was closed by MacAlpines and  has been re-opened  independently by Mark Weir in 1997 after being bought from them. It now employs over 40 local people mining slate and also operating as a tourist attraction and it deserves to be a success. After visiting the mine we nipped along Honister Pass to The Fish in Buttermere for lunch and then spent the afternoon doing a  A Walk Around Buttermere  which is about 4 and a half miles. The photographers were kept busy snapping away on the walk. The evening was again a meal for 14 in the Coledale Inn after which we finally saw bed at a quarter past one!

Sunday was the journey home but first we headed to Coniston after our third full English breakfast in a row! Due to a mix up  we ended up paying £8 to park here as Peanut and myself both bought a ticket for the car park. - I knew there was a reason why i don't like carrying money! At Coniston we took a boat ride around the lake which was very relaxing and not too strenuous after the previous late night. The boat was very interesting and was 70 per cent solar powered via some panels on the roof. Coffee and cake followed and then we all said our goodbyes and headed for home.

It was a great weekend with some great company. The trip epitomised what being in the Mini community is all about - superb fun with some really good mates who all happen to love MINIS. It is what being in The Severns is all about. So a huge thankyou to Carol and Kev for organising this weekend - book us for next year's trip!


The Weekend In Pictures

Lakes Weekender .itn files

Itinerary Files were downloaded to our Tom Tom satellite navigation  and it made Kev's life a lot easier getting us from place to place!