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The easiest way to explain this page is to be a little glib and a little flippant - fast cars and fast women! It all started with an attempt to reproduce an iconic photograph from the seventies but changing the prop from a sofa to a car - we'll let you figure which photograph that was. We still have lots of ideas to develop for this page, "GT'aime noire" (whatever that means) being one of them! You can blame Fabian Perez for that one!

Seriously though, the noble intent (albeit humbly realised) is to showcase artful photographs of women, or preferably women and cars.  Herve Lewis, Helmut Newton to name just two, any photo from the sixties with a car and a girl - all have inspired and provoked ideas for the fun of doing it. Inspirations are a plenty, take a look at Claudia Schiffer by Helmut Newton,  or Brigitte Bardot with her dachshund, or a beautiful 1953 Chevrolet Corvette ( oh and er model of course) or Marilyn Monroe. When you have seen those photographs then forgive our humble efforts but do acknowledge that at least we are trying and doing!

Gentleman's Page

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