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The French Weekender 4 v2.0 ; The Beasty Baton Exchanged

For the fourth year of the French Weekender PAA100 (Andy Williams) has done all the hard work of organising the trip and below is the "sales pitch" that has brought the trip to reality!

Destination: an old Château just south of Cherbourg -

The French Weekender will return for its fourth year in March 2009. Thursday 26th March until Monday 30th March

Inspired by the great events of the last 3 years, The French Weekender 4 v2.0 will draw on the successful format of previous years with a few tweaks. Mostly just stolen from the Beatmaster and Peanut though!

The travel and accommodation costs are expected to be close £380 for a couple – this now includes 3 course dinners and wine on the nights in France. We will be staying in an old Château just south of Cherbourg. Note that this is not a hotel but a fantastic informal guest house. This means that numbers are limited, en-suite bathrooms rare and some rooms’ twins rather than double. So book early!

I have based this price on overnight ferry with cabin from Portsmouth to Le Harve and then a ferry from Le Harve back to Pompey. Other routes may save money (but not time or fuel).

It is close to the ports so those of you who have not been abroad before can take the plunge without feeling too far from Blighty!

Early notice should give people time to save and plan ahead and also any French Weekender virgins who fancy the adventure will have plenty of time to ask about it (and discover how much fun it is!).

Runners and riders – we will have to limit the numbers to the first 20 people as accommodation is restricted.

1. PAA100 and Natalie – Accommodation deposit paid. Return ferry booked
2. Beastmaster and Peanut – Accommodation deposit paid. Return ferry booked
3. Mandy Moo and Mini Friz - Accommodation deposit paid. Ferry and Chunnel Booked
4. RVW and Storm - Accommodation deposit paid. Ferry and Chunnel Booked
5. Marty_58 and Bev – Accommodation deposit paid. Return ferry booked
6. Dealmaker and Star Girl - Accommodation deposit paid. Return ferry booked
7. Spaci
8. Scream ans Becky– Accommodation deposit paid. Return ferry booked

You can start booking the crossings as soon as you like. The cabins on the overnight ferry out do vanish quickly, although you don't have to have a cabin as you can sleep in a seat - lots of others do! I don't!

The Ferries.

The Outward Ferry

You might want to think about booking a cabin on the way out. This is an overnight crossing sailing on Thursday 26th March at 11pm from Portsmouth to Le Havre. Cost will be £100 for a 2 berth cabin and 1 car (seems cheap at the moment). When you enter the dates it will come up with the price for a standard seat; click on this and then you will get the option to book the cabin.

The Return .

There are 2 camps.

Return from Le Harve to Portsmouth 1700 to 2130 30th March 2009

PAA 100

Return from Calais to Dover by EUROTUNNEL (1500 0r 1600 to be agreed) 30th March 2009

Mini friz

Let me know when you have booked the return transport and I will update the first post

The Accommodation
We will stay in a fairy-tale French château in the heart of the beautiful Normandy countryside. Dating from the 18th Century, the château is run as an informal guest house by its English proprietors.
The château is situated in an area of great historical interest, only 30 minutes away from glorious sandy Normandy beaches opposite Jersey.
£33 per person per night half board including 3 course dinner and half a bottle of wine per person. You need to let mark and Fiona that you would like a vegetarian option when you send your deposit. Also, as its home cooking there won’t be a load of choices or options……….

I will send details of how to confirm and book if yo pm me that you wish to go.

The Plan

Our usual overnight deployment from Pompey to Le Havre. Over one of those big bridges then follow the coast – breakfast somewhere. Keep north of Caen, Bayeux and the follow the landing beaches up the Cherbourg peninsula. Arrive at the Chateau mid afternoon. There will be a Tom-Tom file for this (in case you are preparing list for Santa between now and then)…….

There is loads to do, the Normandy Beaches and Museums, Bayeux Tapestry, Mont St Michel and loads of nice villages. Calvados, Cidre Bouche, mussels. The owners can also give directions to some of the local sites from the war including a V2 launch site if you fancy a stroll locally. There may be a great market at Briquebec – the place we stopped in the castle for lunch a couple of years ago. No run is planned but volunteers welcome. Maybe a run to Bayeux?

TomTom Files for the trip

Photographs From the Trip

Repentance - Some Did Some Didn't. Did You?

"Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord GOD. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye." said Dealmaker.

And upon Dealmaker's words, Scream fell to the floor and spake thus, " Through Dealmaker's words I see the error of my ways, and seek forgiveness for abusing washing lines with my soiled garments; I seek forgiveness too for sullying the splendour of the wondrous Chateau Le Mont Epinguet with my wanton nudity abusing its rooms and confines. And above all acknowledge my repentance for desecrating the lasting memory of our weekend in Normandy with my naked body on our only Group Photo."
And later...   "Oh Lord let my forgiveness be complete and baptise me now in your name." beseeched Scream.

"I think we have been bad" thought Mandy contemplating Dealmaker's words. "I can't remember" thought Darren.

"Repentance is not mine" thought RVW, "I stopped"






"Do I feel forgiven and welcome into Heaven for paying for my repentance, or should I have sped like a demon into the Devil's clutches?" said PAA100.








"Am I following a Beast of the Devil to the darkest corners of Hell or am I leading this Beast to his doom?" pondered Peanut.






" I here ye not Dealmaker for I am a Beast of the Devil travelling to the darkest corners of Hell or maybe I am a Beast led to his doom" mused Beastie behind the veneer of his evil smirk.








So How Was The Trip? 



But you had to be there!

See you next year!