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CooperBeast - BP500-2

CooperBeast is an October 2002 build Mini Cooper in Chili red with a white roof, which we got from new at the start of November 2002.

He is a very special car to us as really the whole car enthusiasm and interest really kicked in when we got this car. MINI is more than just a car it is a whole way of life with a whole MINI scene attached.  In recognition of this and the special place this car has in our hearts it is our intention to never sell CooperBeast - truly he is family.

So What is it Like?

Every control is sharp and immediate. Steering, clutch, gearshift all feel like extensions of yourself. No slop at all. And the same can be said of the Sports Suspension. Bang, crash, wallop is the order of the day. The designers tried very hard to make it feel like a go-kart. And succeeded.

Though the MINI Cooper isn't actually very fast, and most 2.0 litre repmobiles will stay with you away from the lights, it FEELS fast. So fast that everyone else appears to have slowed down. The roadholding is astonishing and you don't have to slow down for corners. The trouble is, everyone else does, which means that in traffic you're always stuck behind someone.

Some bits on the MINI are simply wonderful. Like the view through the letterbox windscreen in the rain with the dinky little wipers slappin' time. More like a chopped-top MiniSprint than a Mini. And the leather-rim steering wheel is just the right size, just the right thickness and exactly the right angle. And the rev counter on the column with its red light zone red line. And the chain-cam engine. And the fantastic un-Mini-like access to it. There really is loads to like.

The car grows on you. You learn its quirks and limits and adapt to the best way to drive it. You use any excuse to get out on the roads in it. Quite simply, no small sports car I can think of is anything like as much fun to drive.

That's the best way to sum it up. The MINI Cooper is the most fun car to drive there is.

CooperBeast Spec. (General)

Mini Cooper 1.6 16 valve 115 bhp with chili pack. 0-62 mph in 9.1 seconds. 124 mph top speed.
17" Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 Alloys with Toy Proxy Tyres.
Automatic Stability Control + Traction (ASC+T).
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS).
Cornering Brake Control (CBC).
Disc Brakes all round - ventilated at front.
Electronic Braking System (EBD).

CooperBeast Spec. (Interior)

Kaleido/Panther half leather seats, with sports front seats.
Height adjustable front seats.
Glove box.
Floor mats.
Manual air conditioning.
Single cd player with Boost option.
Multi function steering wheel (cruise control and remote hi-fi controls).
Auxiliary input.
Chrome rings for speedometer, rev counter, gearstick housing and centre heater vents.
Home made leather gear stick and handbrake gaiters.
Interior light package (reading lights/illuminated vanity mirrors and footwells).

CooperBeast Spec. (Exterior)

Sports Rear Spoiler.
Chrome bumper inserts.
Front fog lights.
White bonnet stripes with black pinstripe.
John Cooper Chrome signatures to each side rear window.
Chrome rings for front fog and side lights and reversing light.
Chrome GB badge and chrome union flag.
Twin flag badge - union and chequered flags.
Cooper laurel decals to each side.
Shark fin side indicators.
Chrome pollen surrounds.
Chrome washer covers.
Chrome front spot lights.

CooperBeast Spec. (Engine and Performance)

K & N Typhoon Induction Kit.
Playmini Exhaust with "TT" style finish.
Sports Suspension PLUS.


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