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Life Blog - Consultant Update

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 30, 2011 at 3:55 PM

30th September 2012. I have been very quiet indeed on the blogging front and basically it has been no news is good news.



However, today I went back to the Queen Elizabeth hospital to see the liver consultant who basically confirmed that my last scan was clear! Moving forward they will scan me every 6 months  and hopefully the scans will stay clear. My next scan is to be in February with a consultation in March and then after that a scan in  August, providing all remains well with the February scan. Blood samples were taken again today which allow them to test for an indication of a carcogenic presence, so if this were to give a high reading they might scan again sooner but other than that - next scan February.



Meanwhile we grabbed a superb holiday in the South of France late August early September, which for me was simply superb. I guess in the past it has been all too easy to take good things for granted but not any more and perhaps for this reason, I found it a really lovely and relaxing break. As we go to the South of France for most of our holidays, I don't feel the urge to visit lots of places as we have done most of the touristy things, so now I am finding it so relaxing and am content to spend more time on the beach and at the pool reading, swimming and walking.



This holiday finally got me back to full fitness after my last operation and with all the walking and swimming my fat tum has at last disappeared and in truth I have come back from holiday looking disgustingly well for a man who has battled the Big C like i have this last 18 months.



Christmas in St Tropez is now booked and slowly a social life is now taking shape once more with lots of things on the calendar to look forward to. We have booked holidays for next year which will allow us to go to The Monaco Historiacl Grand Prix in May, the Le Mans Classic in July and Florence in September so these scans better keep on being positive.



Anyway byeee for now, smile and love life!

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