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A Cat Named Enzo - Chapter Two

Posted by Peanut on July 5, 2013 at 2:05 PM

This is a novel by Lady Peanut which will appear weekly every Thursday, though to get the story going we are going to upload Chapter Two on Friday 5th July and then revert to a weekly chapter thereafter. Please pop in to follow Enzo's adventures as they are rather amusing. [Adrian]

Latest Chapter but to read in Chapter order click here.

Chapter Two - A New Dawn


As Enzo bounded down from his perch, the Boss loomed in the doorway.

" Right young man, first thing is to keep you safe. One of my old mates has fixed up this collar so I can keep tabs on you. Come here, there's a good boy."


Enzo eyed his new collar with suspicion. It was a big lump of a thing and did not look like the sort of object a cool cat would wear. Nevertheless, it seemed there was no option and it fitted rather well in the event.


" See here, on this screen, this bleeping light is you. And here you are in the van. It's great isn't it?" He was undoubtedly pleased with himself but the technology was wasted on Enzo. It seemed his loving carer needed to know where Enzo was, even though he could obviously see him there. Odd indeed. Enzo warily walked to the open door and poked his head out into the great unknown.


Their new home had been fitted with that most despicable of inventions - a cat flap. A door for Enzo's own personal use to spare his owner the trouble of opening a door for him when he wished to leave or return. He pondered on his need to squeeze himself through such a small space, just so the Boss could remain at rest. "Not likely" thought Enzo. This would need to be resolved as a matter of urgency, this must not be allowed to become a habit.


The air outside was warm, warmer than home had been. The smells and noises were very different. There was definitely a lot to investigate but first, just to sit and ponder was the order of the day. He heard dogs in the distance that sounded like they were restrained. He heard weird chirruping noises from the trees. He heard a gentle repetitive swishing noise from the direction of the flat blue. He heard children.


So much to do, but first a wash. He had been asleep for hours and he had standards to maintain. On his first appearance in this new home he should make sure he set his mark as a cat of elegance and breeding, nothing less. First impressions were everything.


Preened and groomed he sauntered off down a dusty track towards the barking dogs. It had been a boring journey and the prospect of annoying some trashy mongrel would be pleasant enough entertainment. Any other time he might easily not bother, but it was hot and for such little effort on his part the result might be amusing, if predictable.


And it was. He found a dog tied to a tree outside a home similar to his own. Enzo sat in full view of the poor creature and cleaned his whiskers. There is little more offensive to even the most well-tempered restrained dog than the sight of a free roaming cat cleaning his whiskers. The dog began to bark furiously, Enzo skulked out of sight to a place where only the dog could see him. The dog's owners then came out to chastise the poor thing for being a "bad boy" and barking at nothing. Once they had left, Enzo then flicked his tail and set the dog off again, and again. Textbook stuff, but it was proof to Enzo that wherever he was the same rules still applied and that consoled him enough to venture on.


A little further and he became aware that there had recently been another cat in the vicinity. A boy cat of his age. This was a very different game and required a completely different set of skills. Enzo must tread carefully here as he was now in someone else's patch. He did not like to fight but he must meet this adversary and settle the matter quickly, as he too would be aware of a stranger in his territory and would be looking out for Enzo.


Carefully he turned a corner and there in the shade of an old tree, lay a big ginger cat, peacefully dozing in the midday sun. Enzo settled down in the dust and waited,as it wouldn't do to march up and announced himself. Sure enough the ginger cat soon opened one eye and stared straight at Enzo. The staring had begun...


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