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Bristol Mini Day 5th June 2011

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on June 5, 2011 at 11:37 AM

This is primarily a meet for classic Minis but Newminiseverns flies the flag for BMW MINIs at the event and we went along to support it with ClubBeast. We had been looking forward to it for a good while and with all the good weather we have had lately it promised to be a great event.

Unfortunately the bad weather returned with a vengeance and we woke up to the kind of rain that promised to be there all day long. Still we set out and yes when we got there it was pouring down. This was a great shame as it reduces the number of Minis who turn up for the day and also the number of traders as to be honest they were definitely not there in force and there was nothing to interest the BMW MINI owner.

On the plus side, it was great for me to catch up with some old friends and new and it was great to see, Aston, Minisoopercooper, Rakey, Yeoda, Matthew, Scooby and all the other MINI fanatics that we chatted with.

In truth it was hard to find highlights on such a miserable and wet day but for me there were three highlights at the meet. First Rakey's GP; as many of you know we have had a hankering for a GP for a long long time now and seeing one yet again just reinforced that desire. We are both convinced that we need a supercharger in our lives and we both feel that a GP would fit the bill nicely. Maybe it is still a dream but without the dream you can't have the dream come true! Secondly, one girl whose name escapes me brought along her Cooper which was finished in a very vivacious pink/cerise colour, with colour coded wheel arches, skirts and interior. Not a car for me but I did like it a lot and the polished alloys really added to its bling factor. I loved it I have to say! Thirdly, though perhaps due to the somewhat poor turn out ClubBeast actually won a plaque for the "headturning factor" and me and Peanut were pathetically pleased about this!

Due to the awful weather we left a little after 12 and did not manage to go around photographing the event. However, we did take a few quick snaps of some but not all of our favourite cars from the event - sadly though I missed taking the pink wonder MINI! Let's hope that next year's event is blessed with better weather and we can make a weekend of it with some camping the night before too!

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