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Posted by RVW on October 5, 2010 at 5:58 PM

New Mini Show –Aintree. This was a last minute decision to go so only Mickey from New Mini Stuff was aware. Well what a day Sunday was. It started at 04.30 am and finished about 20.00 pm KNACKERED. It was dark-damp and miserable at this unheard of time of the day. Set off towards Aintree( 174 miles ) twas a little bit misty but 4 lasers on the front soon sorted that out.

An hour into the journey the heavens opened and it remained like that well into the afternoon. Would have been better off in a boat going along the M62. Anyway arrived at Aintree 8 ish and found the Hand Car Wash, which seemed irrelevant in the rain but at least I only had to dry down when in the show. I'm not sure what language they speak up that part of the world but I could understand ARABIC a lot easier. Parked up in the hall and I must say I was impressed. All MINI shows should be like this! The hall was soon filling up with MINIS of all guises, a real spectacle.

New Mini Show

Then BEASTIE arrived I would have liked to see his face when he first clapped eyes on the competition. Mind you it made the day taking the proverbial and exchanging banter!

Most of the day was made up of assessing  all the MINIs, drinking tea & coffee, taking the odd photo, meeting old friends and making some new. Mickey the Mini managed to part me from some folding stuff in exchange for some Pillar Tweeters. I must say now they are fitted there is a great improvement in the sound width. The end of the day saw some prize giving. Disappointed did not get anything but then as not entered for show & shine what do you expect? Time came to head home and brave the traffic, needless to say it was horrendous.

The New Look

I finally arrived home about 8 pm tired but happy after a great day made all the better by Beastie. He never fails to up the ante and always seems to spend more of his fantasy money than even his fantasy has.

But then that’s Beastie totally incorrigible! :)

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1 Comment

Reply Peanut
8:51 AM on October 6, 2010 
£1000 for a tuning/exhaust for ClubBeast, £40 for some spots for CooperBeast, maybe some black headlight rings £60/70 each, a few dents knocked out of CooperBeast, we'd like to do the Italian Job one year, oh and yes we need a GP!!!
He'd need to print the stuff to keep up with his fantasy!