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Severns Go Camping - 18th/19th September 2010

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 19, 2010 at 1:12 PM

NewMINISeverns organised a Camping weekend staying at the Three Magpies at Seend in Wiltshire.

Severns Go Camping Together

Minisoopercooper did the donkey work sorting out the camping and arranging lunch for us in the local pub and a walk around Lacock for the afternoon. On the Sunday there was also a MINI Run but we had to pass on that one with me still being a bit fragile from a recent operation.

Minisoopercooper, Mandy Moo and MiniFriz, Scream and Pixie, Mark 210 and Tracey, MiniLizzie and Cavey and Chris and Jax turned up for the jaunt and it was great to catch up with them all around the bbq fires on Saturday night. These events guarantee a good laugh and of course it began right from the beginning when we all had to put our tents up. Chris and Jax seemed especially rusty at this and as they arrived at lunch time they had to put their tent up in front of a full audience. For a long time we thought they were assembling what appeared to be a portaloo!

Chris and Jax Assemble the Portaloo

After lunch we all drove to Lacock for a walk around this very picturesque village and finally a cup of tea and some cake. It's not all drunken debauchery at these meets a bit of the local culture can be enjoyed too.

Severns go Sightseeing in Lacock

Soon enough the evening came and it was really good for us to catch up with old friends and new and have a great laugh under the gazebos that we had put up for the evening. This is what life with a MINI is all about and we loved it.

Next morning we all enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the outdoors and then everyone headed off for the run on Sunday.

Severns Go for a Run Together

For us it was a great weekend with great people and some awesome MINIs and we look forward to a few more of these events next year!

The BegzMobile

Mark 210 JCW


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