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The Big MINI Show - Sept 2013

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 15, 2013 at 12:05 PM

The Big MINI Show is a new MINI show on the scene specifically for BMW MINIs and held this year at Penkridge Market in Staffordshire.

We were at the show with Surrey New MINI Club but we drove there from my Mum's in Chester and got there just before 9 in the morning. When we hit the M6 we slowed down hoping to see more MINIs heading for the show and very quickly got tangled up with a large gaggle of MINIs from The Mersey MINI Club who were going to the show. It was great fun joining their convoy and the trip down went very quickly.

We were the first to arrive on the Surrey New MINI stand and were directed to the end of the car park along a wall. Before we had finished parking an old pal Emu_P turned up in his R56 and parked next to us. We spent the next half hour with Emu sheltering  from the rain under a large market shed and catching up. Finally the rain eased so we set off for our first tour of the event.

On the plus side, there were a good number of traders there catering for new MINIs and there were plenty of bits and pieces to look at on the stalls. Again on the plus side we bumped into a lot of familiar faces and old friends. Brettles and Czar from the Clubman Register, The Gidfather from yam MINI, Mad Pig from Surrey New MINI, Chris was there on the MINI stand and he was later joined by his wife Christine and her sister Caroline. It was good chatting to all these old pals and it certainly made the day fly by. The food stand was slow and the queue long but the food was well priced and tea at 70p was very fair. This was in sharp contrast to Himley Hall earlier in the year where we had to pay £2 for a tea!

So, a good turn out from the clubs and traders, and well priced food available really helped the day. On the downside though, it is not a pretty place to be, as it was in truth an unglorified car park and when this was coupled with the poor weather the photos from the day were never going to be brilliant! I think I am spoiled having the beautiful Three Counties Showground on my doorstep, as Penkridge market is just never going to compete with that for providing a lovely backdrop for the MINIs.

On balance then a fantastic first attempt at putting on a new MINI event. These things are not easy and if this had been held in a field then it would have been a disaster with the weather we had, so on balance we have to forgive Penkridge its less than beautiful setting.

Anyway click our pictures to see a few photos from the day!

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