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A Cat Named Enzo - Chapter Five

Posted by Peanut on July 25, 2013 at 2:00 AM

Chapter Five - Let Sleeping Cats Lie


Enzo sensed the Boss was worried; he sensed it was something to do with their guest who was still out of sight in the storage box, as no normal person would willingly get in there. He looked out of the front of the van and saw the Boss laughing with some men outside.


Enzo jumped out of his bed and leapt up onto the padded seat of the box, stretched out and looked as sleepy as he could - it wasn't hard as he had years of practice under his collar. Footsteps and voices approached and the door opened.


"Oh, I see. You travel with a companion, do you Sir?" said the stranger." It's unusual to find a cat, not many like the travelling life. What's your name then, little chap?"


As he reached forward Enzo rolled onto his back. He wriggled and did his best to look appealing as the stranger stroked his chin and rubbed his tummy. The temptation to sink his teeth into this strangers hand was overwhelming, to do the full cat thing and grab him with the claws of his front paws and scratch him with his back, but that was not the plan here. He needed to make the man feel special and loved, so he wouldn't poke about in dark corners.


"His name is Enzo and he seems to be happy enough travelling with me." replied the Boss cheerfully. "Would you like to see his passport?"


" He is a lovely fellow isn't he? No, that won't be necessary at all. Everything is in order here, I can see. You couldn't get up to much trouble with a cat in tow, could you now?"


The two men laughed and agreed. Enzo closed his eyes as the door shut. After a few minutes the Boss climbed back into the driver's seat and started the van. Enzo took up his place in his travelling bed and settled down for a nap. No words were spoken for some time and then the van stopped again.


"You're a credit to the trade Enzo. What a master stroke."


The Boss climbed through the van from the driver's seat, and lifted the lid on a very flustered looking Luke.


"Did you have to leave it so long mate? It was sweltering in there and no air to breathe" Luke had clearly not enjoyed his stay in the box.


"Grumble as much as you like, but you are now on home ground. You may have noticed we did get searched but my little friend here kept you safe by sitting on the lid and being cute. It might have been a very different story." The Boss ruffled Enzo's head.

"We are at a roadside cafe so we can have a quick bite to eat then we must be off again." said the Boss. "We'll bring you something back for being a clever little boy, Enzo. Won't be long."


As the Boss and Luke left the van Enzo watched them walk into the nearby building. He left his bed and sought the comfort of the Boss's bed. It was much comfier and quieter than trying to sleep in the front of the van, and he was out of the way. The Boss wouldn't be back for a while and it was just the place for a proper sleep, all this travelling and adventure made a cat very tired. H e hoped Luke wouldn't be with them much longer, it wasn't the same with him around. He didn't like sharing the Boss with strangers, just the two of them was best. He laid his head on his crossed paws and let sleep overtake him as it so often did. It wasn't such a bad life.

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