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A Cat Named Enzo - Chapter Four

Posted by Peanut on July 18, 2013 at 2:00 AM

Chapter Four - Three's A Crowd


"You seem to have forgotten, I have retired." He said it with an air of despondency, as if he already understood that this was a done deal and Enzo felt that if The Boss possessed a tail it would be swishing. Enzo watched and waited.


"But you never really retire from the Service, do you?" replied the reedy voice.


So what's the plan?" sighed the Boss.


The conversation then continued, much more quietly and with long silences where the Boss merely listened. Enzo laid his head on his paws, closed his eyes and drifted back into the half-sleep that is a cat's preferred form of rest. Sounded like plans would change and there might not even be a fish for breakfast tomorrow.


When the Boss had finished the conversation, he turned to Enzo and said, "It was a nice try lad , but looks like I have work to do again. I need to be out tomorrow and bring back someone to share our little home for a while. Best behaviour mind."


Enzo was not impressed, he had no need of company. Just himself and the big man was fine by him, and a stranger was not to be trusted in this tiny home. But it seemed important to the Boss, so he knew he must at least be polite.


The next morning the Boss busied himself much like he used to in the old days before they started their roaming, and after a quick tickle of Enzo's ears, he left. Enzo settled under the van and pondered on what their new visitor might be like. Did he even like cats? Would he be afraid of Enzo? He thought fondly of the time he chased both a dog owner and her dog up the road, she seemingly more scared of him than the dog was. Good times.


The day passed pleasantly enough but it was getting increasingly hot and deep shade was a rare thing, so Enzo sought out cool shady stones to stretch out on and sleep. As the day drew to an end and the sun began to fade, he heard voices approaching and opened his eyes to see the Boss's feet alongside their new guest's feet, walking down the track. They were obviously talking to each other but oddly Enzo could not understand a word of it, and that baffled him. He hoped this newly acquired language skill of his was not going to let him down now. He had just got rather used to it.


"Would you like some tea?" asked the Boss, once they were inside.


"How confusing," thought Enzo, now I can understand again. "What on earth are they playing at?"


"We should stick to Spanish outside of the van I think, it will create less interest."


"Whatever you suggest," replied the visitor. "You're in charge. Just get me out of this."


From his hidey hole under the van, Enzo could hear this conversation above him and although he was pleased the Boss was home, he was unsure of the visitor. But soon the smell of food drew Enzo out and he bounded up the steps and ran to the side of the Boss. "Ah, here's my little friend Enzo come to say hello. Enzo meet Luke, Luke...Enzo, my companion."


"You're a handsome chap aren't you" smiled Luke as he bent down to stroke Enzo. Enzo responded with a rub of the Boss's legs after which he lay down on the floor and waited patiently for his meal, eyeing this Luke person with great distrust still, even though he appeared friendly enough.


After they had eaten, the Boss and Luke settled down to a long chat, and Enzo who had no interest in it all, fell asleep. Some hours later when the two men went to bed Enzo curled himself up in a corner, out of the way. The place seemed very cramped all of a sudden.


The next morning they packed up and moved out. Enzo had a special travelling bed for when they were on the move, so he could rest more comfortably while the van rocked about, but he still didn't like the movement or the noise. This continual moving on and stopping seemed to go on for days and Enzo longed for somewhere he could call home, to prowl and explore. This was no life. One night he jumped onto the Boss while he was in bed and demanded some affection.


"You poor little bloke. This isn't what I planned you know. But tomorrow it will be over and we will take Luke back to where he belongs. Then we can get back to our travels and live a peaceful life again. Settle down here next to me, there's a good boy." Enzo felt loved again and snuggled up. This Luke chap was getting all the attention lately and he was glad it was going to stop soon.


The next morning they set off as usual after breakfast. Then they stopped by the side of the road. "This is where you go in the storage box, Luke. Sorry but I need you out of the way for this bit. It wont be nice, but stay put until I get you out. Anywhere where there are cameras you must be out of sight. Ok?"


Luke nodded and reluctantly climbed into one if the under bench storage boxes. This surprised Enzo greatly as it was not even the sort of pokey place that held any interest for a cat, so why would a grown man squeeze into this dismal hole? People didn't do this sort of thing and Enzo found it most alarming.


They set off again and soon slowed up and started talking to people outside. Enzo opened his eyes.


"Just pull up over there would you Sir?We would like to check the van please."


As he moved off the Boss turned to Enzo in his travelling bed on the seat next to him.


"Think quickly Enzo lad. What do we do here? This could be tricky!"

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