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A Cat Named Enzo - Chapter Three

Posted by Peanut on July 11, 2013 at 3:00 AM

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Chapter Three - Settling In


Enzo had long since learnt that the best way of resolving issues of territory was mutual understanding, if that was at all possible. He had no wish to take this chap's patch, he just wanted a quiet corner for himself. So he must be appeasing but firm and the best way of achieving this was to mimic his moves as he did them and not take his eyes off the game.


Ginger opened both eyes and sat up, Enzo sat up. Ginger walked forwards to a spot at middle distance from them both, Enzo walked forward a few steps then sat. Ginger walked forward more until only a few feet remained between them and also sat. It all hinged on the next few seconds. They waited.


Enzo dropped his head and backed off very slowly showing due respect to the incumbent, then moved slowly towards the cover of a bush and slipped out of sight. As Ginger had made no moves to chase him, the deal was settled and Enzo had sorted the issue with the minimum of trouble. As soon as the coast was clear he retraced his steps to his new home and ran to the comfort of the Boss who was outside, with a glass in his hand.


"Hello there young'un. Been making friends? I guess it's supper time now you've come home."


Enzo thought supper was a good idea and clearly so did the boss who gave him some of the meat he was preparing for himself. They both settled down for the night and although Enzo put up a good fight for the bed, the Boss undoubtedly thought it was for him and in fact it became too hot for Enzo, who eventually sprawled out on the cool floor.


The Boss was up and out early next morning and came back cheerful with a fish for Enzo's breakfast. " I found a man who didn't want this, lad. So I asked for it for you." Enzo was pleased to see the Boss happy once more and even more pleased to have a fish for breakfast. This life might be better than he thought.


So the days passed with Enzo spending most of his life under the van where it was cool and breezy and the Boss coming and going. Enzo explored his new home a little at a time and tried to keep out of Ginger's way. One evening he went down to the flat blue with the Boss and realised it wasn't flat at all but moving water and a lot of it. It still held no appeal for him but he did see some dogs running in and out of it. They seemed to like it but they were simple minded things and clearly had no problem getting wet and that wasn't his idea of fun at all.


One evening the Boss's phone rang. Enzo had heard this before and knew there would then follow a conversation with seemingly no-one, just a reedy voice that he could barely hear.


"Hi Will mate. How are you? "


" Great. This is a good way to spend your life, I would recommend it," answered the Boss. The conversation drifted on and Enzo lost interest, then suddenly the Boss blurted out "What? You must be joking. Not a chance. I can't believe anyone would even think of it. NO!"


Enzo was now interested, ears pricked he listened to the reedy voice intently. "This really needs resolving as soon as possible, I know you understand. You have been in the same position yourself in the past and you know how it is. The best man for the job and all that. We have no-one else at hand and you are two hours away with the means to act. He needs to get out of the place quickly and quietly and back to Blighty. They have the airports and ports covered and will spot him if he tries to get out and he needs documents, which he doesn't have. You can do this."


"Let me get this clear, you want me to pick him up, hole him up in my van and smuggle him back home."


"In a nutshell, yes."


"And if I get caught? I guess that's my wandering days over."


"Why on earth would they search a camper? He's a bad man, he will have made you do it under threat. We will sort it out. Don't we always?"


Enzo sensed tension in the air. The Boss wasn't happy.

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