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A Cat Named Enzo

Posted by Peanut on July 4, 2013 at 12:00 PM

This is a novel by Lady Peanut which will appear weekly every Thursday, though to get the story going we are going to upload Chapter Two on Friday 5th July and  then revert to a weekly chapter thereafter. Please pop in to follow Enzo's adventures as they are rather amusing. [Adrian]

Chapter One - A Cat Named Enzo 

The movement and noise had stopped at last. The boss had stepped out of the camper and was prowling around outside, clearly assessing his new patch. Enzo lifted his head and sniffed... New air, a hint of something odd, something he had not smelled before. He rose, stretched and looked out of the window. "Where in God's name are we now?" he thought. After rumbling along for what seemed like forever, they had now come to rest in a forlorn flat open space. A few scraggy trees, not much grass and in the distance something blue and flat. " That looks dodgy. I need to stay away from that" he thought. What had happened to his cosy life? Why was he here at all?


Enzo was a much loved grey and white cat of medium age, sleek, elegant with a touch of arrogance. The Boss had a love of fast sleek elegant cars but lacking the wherewithal to buy one had christened his cat Enzo in homage.

Enzo lived his peaceful life in a quiet corner of England while the Boss went about his own business and for the most part kept out of his way. He could be away for days or sometimes weeks at a time but he always ensured Enzo was properly cared for and Enzo was happy enough for this arrangement to continue. Happy enough not to seek out a new home- that might involve the presence of raucous children or worse still, dogs. Oh no, a life undisturbed had much to offer for the creative cat.


But then the Boss began to be at home days at a time, clearly ever more restless and he became a great nuisance to Enzo with his everlasting coming and going. During this time the Boss got into the habit of discussing his life with Enzo and as time passed Enzo became aware that he could understand what the great man was saying. One evening as they sat together The Boss reached down and took Enzo in his big hands.


"I will find us a travelling home and we will seek adventures and travel the world my lad. We will see what the world can offer us. You will travel with me and if you get bored with it and find yourself a new home, so be it. But I cannot willingly give you up to someone else."


A travelling home? What in the world was that? Home is home, surely? It doesn't move.


But then one afternoon the Boss bounded in full of enthusiasm, plucked a sleeping Enzo from his bed and took him outside to see this new home.

" A bit pokey", thought Enzo "and obviously that bed is mine, so where does the big man sleep? Worrying." He was not at all sure about the whole idea but it might be different for a while. He had seen ships cats in films on the television and though they had exciting lives. This might work out... Maybe.


For the next few weeks the Boss was more animated than he had been for a long while, and his evening chats became more like planning meetings. Clearly you didn't just pack up and go like Enzo had imagined (and he had a few more trips to the vets than he would have liked).


But then one night the Boss told him they were ready to go, and would be off next day. That gave Enzo just time enough for a few farewells that night, and the chance to hand over his patch to Merlin, the lad down the road who was forever trying to get a hold on Enzo's territory. Done properly this handover would mean less fighting and bickering amongst the lads, although he would most likely get a bruising from someone sooner or later!


Enzo looked at Merlin for a long time, Merlin stared back unblinking. They understood each other, Enzo turned away and was ready for whatever lay ahead.


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