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Car Events - Wilton Hall Supercar and Classic Show 2012

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on August 11, 2012 at 5:55 AM

Pistonheads drew our attention to this event, held on the 5th August 2012, which essentially is a celebration of classic and supercars. the Earl who owns Wilton House is a car fanatic and has a large collection of his own exotic automobilia which was on display at the show too. He had a special wrap done on his Veyron just for the show which you can see above. Lots to see then.


Saturday saw us cleaning and polishing the Opel GT to make it look its best in the Pistonheads allocated parking and Sunday we treated as a school day and set off at 8 in the morning for the drive down to Wiltshire.  The weather did not promise fun as it tipped down all the way down, turning into torrential rain and flooding the closer we got to Wilton House. Any of you who read our blogs will know of the Curse of RVW, a friend of ours, whose presence guarantees rain. Now this event should have been sunny as we knew he was causing havoc in the South of France. The closer we got to Wilton the more we worried about our pal. Surely for us to have rain like this he must be back on British soil and we worried that his holiday trip had gone pear shaped. However, ten minutes from Wilton the rain stopped, the sun came out and we had dry weather for the rest of the day. RVW must afterall be fine and dandy!


Wilton House is lovely with beautiful grounds and it makes a lovely backdrop for a car event such as this. We had the same view on the recent Gloucester Car Show that we went to at Highnam Court and while that was more modest than this event it was almost as good.


When we arrived we met up with The Elf and Fandango and his nephew Reece, which added to the fun of the day. There was lots of beautiful cars to see and picking a favourite was nigh on impossible. Reese was clear on his favourite and he fell for a Nissan GT-R, Fandango, I suspect was won over by the many Bugatti Veyrons to be seen and to be honest I have no idea what the Elf went for but I suspect it was the new McLarens. Peanut can never choose but in this case I think it had to be a JCW MINI Coupe as this is the car she is hankering after! I was spoilt for choice but I tend to dream about cars that are almost within grasp, so while £200,000 dream cars are wonderful, I never really get too excited about them. Now, there was a Morgan 4/4 Sport there...


A bonus on the day was the discovery of a dent man and as we were parked inside the grounds courtesy of Pistonheads we were able to drive the Opel GT to his stand where he very publicly removed a dent from our drivers door - RESULT! and we definitely recommend him!


We bumped into an old friend from the MINI community BIG Jon, who was there with his Dad showing off a very sexy and unique Jensen Interceptor Convertible that they share between them for weekend fun. Always good to see a familiar face. MOR54N, a beautiful Morgan Supersports was there too. We first saw this car at the Morgan factory just prior to its owner collecting it and we have bumped into it several times since such as at The Le Mans Classic recently. This is a stunning motor in a delicious metallic burgundy colour.


Food and drink was available in abundance and without too much queuing but we were able to have a lovely picnic by our car with the food we had bought. The cars made the show, but the weather and the company were icing on this very enjoyable cake. Yep it was  a great day out and on the calendar for next year.

As always click on the photos for a slideshow from the day and click here for our Instant photo uploads  of the day.

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