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Midlands Breakfast Club October 2010

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on October 24, 2010 at 11:56 AM Comments comments (60)

24/10/2010. We spent the morning at one of our favourite Sunday Morning haunts, the Midlands Breakfast Club at RAF Cosford. Pistonheads from all over meet up to show off their cars to other enthusiasts and in addition there is a fantastic free RAF Museum to look at and bargain basement bacan sarnies to be had from the cafeteria.

At first we thought that it was not the best collection of automobile erotica that we have set eyes on but in truth there were a few gems tucked away here and there to revel in. there were a lot of Ford Escorts from the 70s to enjoy and to remind me of the glory days of WRC. Also there was a lovely trio of Jensen Interceptors there to admire and of course the Ferrari in the picture above. Mrs Peanut was very pleased with the high key look that she went for in this shot and I have to say it works for me to.

We picked out a lovely yellow BMW Z3 to feature as our Beastmaster Car of The Week  and decided that the white Morgan Aero Suopersport that Morgan had lent to a father and his son for the weekend was the undoubted overall star of the show. We got some pleasing shots of all these cars so click on any of the pictures to see a slideshow of cars from the day.

Pistonheads Sunday Service at Porsche Centre Silverstone

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on October 18, 2010 at 3:36 PM Comments comments (9)

Pistonheads organised a Sunday Service Meet at The Porsche Centre at Silverstone for the 17th October 2010.

There was room at the event for 700 cars and on the day 700 cars turned up to make it a cracking event.

We drove there in convoy with our friends Michael and Jenna and when we got there we met up with RVW and Storm who had motored over to the event from Lincolnshire. For us the event went like clockwork, we arrived at just the right time so it did not take too long for us to get parked up on the track. We then walked round to the centre to find a short queue for the obligatory bacon baps and even got some freebie Michelin hats and mugs while we were queuing! From this queue we went to the Porsche Centre where we had another short queue before being escorted around the centre to admire some of the exhibits inside and learn more about what the centre does etc. This was all smashing and a big hats off to The Porsche Experience Centre and of course Pistonheads who arranged this event.

As if all this wasn't enough there was also 700  wonderful cars parked around the track for us all to look at and admire and there were some fantastic motors to admire.  The event ended at lunch time and we nipped off at about half twelve and went to the nearby Green Man for a pub lunch and again we had beat the rush for that! Don't you just love days that go like clockwork? This one did from start to finish including the weather! The days for us was capped off by a 65 mile cross country drive home with the roof down and the sunshine escorting us all the way home!

Once again Thanks to Pistonheads and Porsche for combining to put on such a smashing event and for a slideshow from the day click on the Morgan below!

Grand National New MINI Show - Blog From The Oldie

Posted by RVW on October 5, 2010 at 5:58 PM Comments comments (10)

New Mini Show –Aintree. This was a last minute decision to go so only Mickey from New Mini Stuff was aware. Well what a day Sunday was. It started at 04.30 am and finished about 20.00 pm KNACKERED. It was dark-damp and miserable at this unheard of time of the day. Set off towards Aintree( 174 miles ) twas a little bit misty but 4 lasers on the front soon sorted that out.

An hour into the journey the heavens opened and it remained like that well into the afternoon. Would have been better off in a boat going along the M62. Anyway arrived at Aintree 8 ish and found the Hand Car Wash, which seemed irrelevant in the rain but at least I only had to dry down when in the show. I'm not sure what language they speak up that part of the world but I could understand ARABIC a lot easier. Parked up in the hall and I must say I was impressed. All MINI shows should be like this! The hall was soon filling up with MINIS of all guises, a real spectacle.

New Mini Show

Then BEASTIE arrived I would have liked to see his face when he first clapped eyes on the competition. Mind you it made the day taking the proverbial and exchanging banter!

Most of the day was made up of assessing  all the MINIs, drinking tea & coffee, taking the odd photo, meeting old friends and making some new. Mickey the Mini managed to part me from some folding stuff in exchange for some Pillar Tweeters. I must say now they are fitted there is a great improvement in the sound width. The end of the day saw some prize giving. Disappointed did not get anything but then as not entered for show & shine what do you expect? Time came to head home and brave the traffic, needless to say it was horrendous.

The New Look

I finally arrived home about 8 pm tired but happy after a great day made all the better by Beastie. He never fails to up the ante and always seems to spend more of his fantasy money than even his fantasy has.

But then that’s Beastie totally incorrigible! :)

Silverstone Single Seater Driving Experience

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 26, 2010 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (16)


DriverMan went to Silverstone on Friday to sample the Silverstone Single seater Experience. This is how he got on.

Final Adjustments

Checking in was smooth enough but a tad slow and although there was a small facility  for tea and coffee the inability to take debit cards meant quite a few guests went thirsty while watching the drivers. Still a small gripe and soon enough DriverMan was called for a pre track briefing. A nice touch was that the announcer said the briefing would take 28 minutes and 42 seconds! the point that precision was everything was made early on!

The brief had a strong emphasis on safety, covering safety rules, driving techniques and  a touch of self promotion as it emphasised the thrill and excitement of the event. The emphasis on safety  upped the ante and DriverMan got both excited and apprehensive as the brief went on.

Next stop was  collecting the family members and kitting up. The spectators were allowed to enjoy a pit walk, see the cars close up and watch the drivers get settled into the cars. All good stuff which added to the occasion! Getting into the car, doing the pre race checks, adjusting the seat, working through the gears etc. all built up the excitement and this was evident in DriverMans "coiled spring" body language. Before long the spectators left the pit lane, the cars were fired up and they were off.


The Drivers did a good ten minutes behind the Renault Megane RS 250 safety cars before pitting to rejig the driver order and go out once more behind the safety cars, this time at a faster pace. Finally the drivers were unleashed on their own.

Talking to Driverman afterwards he said, "The track was wet, the car skittish, the rear end very wanton and the gear change was very fierce. Very quickly I found myself stuck behind a slower car but eventually he was blue flagged and I was able to overtake. Open track followed and very quickly I was up to faster speeds though in truth with the combination of wet conditions and short sections between corners, 96mph was the fastest speed I managed. Trust me though on a small wet track that was pretty fast."

DriverMan continues, " Before I knew it I was the new Lewis Hamilton, an old hand at the game. That is until I exited the chicane, put the power on too soon, watched my rear end overtake me and spun off! That brought me down to earth and I took the next couple of laps very gingerly as I didn't want the marshalls pulling me in for an early bath."

All too soon the fun was over and the cars returned to the pits. When DriverMan got out of the car the adrenalin was still pumping, his left foot ached from working the clutch and his back hurt too. More importantly though his face ached  from the huge grin that was spread across it. It clearly is a great experience, well managed with good safety provision built in.

Would you do it again I asked him. " You bet I would!"


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Severns Go Camping - 18th/19th September 2010

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 19, 2010 at 1:12 PM Comments comments (0)

NewMINISeverns organised a Camping weekend staying at the Three Magpies at Seend in Wiltshire.

Severns Go Camping Together

Minisoopercooper did the donkey work sorting out the camping and arranging lunch for us in the local pub and a walk around Lacock for the afternoon. On the Sunday there was also a MINI Run but we had to pass on that one with me still being a bit fragile from a recent operation.

Minisoopercooper, Mandy Moo and MiniFriz, Scream and Pixie, Mark 210 and Tracey, MiniLizzie and Cavey and Chris and Jax turned up for the jaunt and it was great to catch up with them all around the bbq fires on Saturday night. These events guarantee a good laugh and of course it began right from the beginning when we all had to put our tents up. Chris and Jax seemed especially rusty at this and as they arrived at lunch time they had to put their tent up in front of a full audience. For a long time we thought they were assembling what appeared to be a portaloo!

Chris and Jax Assemble the Portaloo

After lunch we all drove to Lacock for a walk around this very picturesque village and finally a cup of tea and some cake. It's not all drunken debauchery at these meets a bit of the local culture can be enjoyed too.

Severns go Sightseeing in Lacock

Soon enough the evening came and it was really good for us to catch up with old friends and new and have a great laugh under the gazebos that we had put up for the evening. This is what life with a MINI is all about and we loved it.

Next morning we all enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the outdoors and then everyone headed off for the run on Sunday.

Severns Go for a Run Together

For us it was a great weekend with great people and some awesome MINIs and we look forward to a few more of these events next year!

The BegzMobile

Mark 210 JCW


MINI Family Day Cowley 2010

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 13, 2010 at 3:31 PM Comments comments (0)

Russ Swift

12/0/2010. Today we were invited to the MINI factory in Cowley for a Family Day. We were invited by Peanut's daughter Amelia and her husband Carl. The day gives the people who work there a chance to show their families and friends where they work and an idea of what they do there.

Russ Swift

There was lots to see and do and the first thing we did was watch Russ Swift do his stuff in the MINIs. His two wheel driving and parallel parking never fail to impress and the experience is heightened when you see it live by the strong smell of burning rubber that his stunts generate.

MINI Cooper Countryman

Next stop was a look at the MINI Countryman which is being launched this week. This was the first time I had seen the car for real and I have to say I really liked it. I could definitely see us having one and with a good graphic job on it I think we could be smitten. Up to this point I had only seen pictures and I had not really been able to judge its real size. Yep it's a winner.

The making of a MINI

After seeing the Countryman we had a tour inside the factory and saw the MINIs on the track as they get built. Fascinating stuff and a must see for any MINI fan.

MINI Family Day Cowley 2010

All in all a great day out made all the better by some lovely sunshine.

Russ Swift doing Salsa in a MINI