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Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on July 11, 2006 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (88) is our main site, or front page if you like and we have a number of satellite sites specialising in particular areas. These are PhotoBeastWatchBeast, AutoBeast and Friday Cool, which are our quartet of websites designed  and run by ourselves Beastmaster and Peanut, to enable us to share our interests in Photography, Watches, Cars and Gentlemen's Style.

Additionally we have a number of visual websites that display walls of photographs. iBeastie On The Fly allows us to blog on the move on any random thing that catches our eye and it also displays photographs from PhotoBeast and AutoBeast posts.  Then we have a Wall of Watches  which feeds primarily from WatchBeast and we have a Friday Cool Wall which displays photos on the theme of Gentleman's Style. Last but not least we have the Gentleman's Page which is a stylish wall  of Beautiful ladies with beautiful cars. All our site blogs stream into  The World of iBeastie window on the front page.

Running side by side with the frivolity of our passions is The Life Blog, which maps out the battles and campaigns of Beastie in his personal war with the Big C since July 2010.

AutoBeast is a mish mash of occasional car reviews and motoring news, write ups of car events we have attended and on going features such as our Car of The Week.  it will also showcase the adventures we have had with our own cars.

PhotoBeast was born out of our Project 365 (a picture a day which builds into a fascinating pictorial diary), and has been reinvigorated by our purchase of a Fuji X-E1 camera which has quite simply just put the fun back into taking photographs.

WatchBeast began with My Journey Through Time (a look at all the watches I have in my collection) and has continued with a Watch Blog reviewing watches that catch my eye and highlighting some watches I don't have but would like!

Friday Cool is a men's fashion blog with a slant to the stylish gentleman. If it's cool to wear on a Friday night then find it in here, all good fun and lighthearted.

The Food Bar is a collection of photographs of dishes we have made or enjoyed in restaurants.

Film Night points to movies we have watched and enjoyed.

Book Corner highlights books we have read end enjoyed, so worth a look if you are wondering what to read next!

Finally, The Life Blog  is about my fight with, and living with cancer, since  I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 2010. Not as heavy as it sounds as we are fighting the battle with smiles!

We are not affiliated with any other companies and any product reviews or product recommendations that we may make from time to time are done from a completely independent standing.

Do have a look around our site - we hope you enjoy it.

The Cars

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Our original car line up when we started this site was CooperBeast (BP500-2) and CheckBeast (BP500-3) which are BMW minis and PugBeast (BP500-1) which is a Peugeot 206cc.   CooperBeast is an October 2002 build Mini Cooper in Chili red with a white roof, which we got from new at the start of November 2002. CheckBeast is an October 2005 build Mini Cooper S special edition called Checkmate, which we got from new at the start of November 2005. It is metallic space blue with a silver roof and bonnet stripes and chequered graphics on each front side panel. CheckBeast is also a fully fledged Works edition complete with the full engine upgrade, Works brakes and Works strutbrace. For good measure it also comes with silver sideskirts to match the roof! PugBeast is an October 2001 Peugeot 206cc se 2.0 litre in cayman green with matching green and black cloth interior.

With time a few changes have been made to the original line up. PugBeast left the fold in the summer of 2007 after 5 years of sterling service, fun and adventure. His life with us has been captured for posterity on the pages of this website. His departure (sad though it was) was to make way for his replacement the Opel GT which after a long delay finally arrived at the end of June 2008. The Phantom  is his name, so called as having to wait so long for him to arrive often he never seemed quite real - but he is real now! He will be honoured to wear the original number of PugBeast  (BP500-1). The Phantom has his own page full of details about him but briefly all the information needed is 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds!

The next change came in August 2008 when we saw the sad departure of CheckBeast our much loved Works Cooper S. This was to make way for ClubBeast (also affectionately known as PepperBeast) our new MINI Clubman S in pepper white with a black roof. A very grown up car, which we have really taken to but which Clarkson regards as the only thing you could give as a gift that is worse than a toilet!  The modding process has already begun on ClubBeast so check him out on his own page. ClubBeast replaces the third car in our line up so adorns the number BP500-3.

Late 2012 saw CooperBeast go for an extended sabbatical with The Elf, making way for SilverBeast a MINI Coupé JCW who wears the number BP500 - 4.

Then in June 2014 we had to wave goodbye to our dearly beloved ClubBeast, who after over 5 and a half years of sterling service was beginning to get a bit tired. We loved him so much but his replacement has softened the blow of losing him. His replacement is PaceBeast, a brand new Paceman Cooper SD, which we brought in to do the lion's share of the donkey work, work runs and some of our long distance European tours. He has proved to be a real champion addition to the Beastie fold.

The MINI is not just a fun car but a whole social life too, thanks to the mini community, which for us is centred around, Total, , Clubman Register and where we have met hundreds of mini enthusiasts and participated in lots of MINI days and MINI runs. For Pug enthusiasts has all the information you could want and for The Opel GT the best site for information is the American forum for his brother the Saturn Sky -

Beastmaster and Peanut

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We are a husband and wife team who enjoy photography and pistonheads. The two passions we oft try to combine and this is reflected on our beastmaster website where both our car adventures and our journeys through photography are shared.

The Elf

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The Elf - Amelia Turner, wife of Driver Man and daughter of Peanut.

The Elf is an F1 fanatic with her husband and occasional contributor to the site. Amelia is also a devout foodie and enthusiast on all things epicurean, running her own food journal  All About Food

Day  038/365. Portrait of an Elf

Driver Man

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Driver is Carl Turner an F1 and race track fanatic and husband of The Elf ( Amelia, daughter of Peanut) He is an occasional contributor to the site.

Bruges 2009 - Portraits   DriverMan

Driverman at Silverstone