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Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on September 22, 2012 at 1:05 AM

It's Happy Days here at Beastie Folly as we got the news on Thursday that my six month post liver section scan was all clear! I had had the scan the previous Friday and we knew that the consultants had a group meeting on Thursday mornings where they discussed the scans of their patients. At my last consultation the Clinical Nurse asked me to ring her and advise when I had the scan and she woul get in touch with the result. It all seemed very casual to us but we went with it. Both of us were very jittery by Thursday afternoon, as we knew that by then the scan woul have been looked at, so I rang to chase at a quarter to 3 only to get an answer phone. I left work and still had not heard. By now I was convinced the results were bad and I would get a call on Friday to go in to see them. I left for home with a heavy heart.

While driving home, the phone rang just before Upton Bridge and I pulled into the Marina car park there and took the call. "Your scan was clear Mr Ainsworth..." In a daze I thanked her put the phone down and let out such a shriek of joy that I gave myself an instant headache. I could not stop smiling and then the tears of emotion came. I drove home wiping the tears from my eyes to tell Peanut. She wasn't home so I went inside bursting to tell her and then decided to wait on the steps in front of our house with one of our cats Ola. Eventually, she drove up and I leapt up and gave her my best Daddy dancing with my thumbs up. She got the message, almost crashed the car parking, leapt out and gave me a big hug, instant tears of joy all round.

The Big C is a war, it is a very long campaign, we have fought it with a bowel operation, chemotherapy and then two liver sections. So far we have been fighting since july 2010. The war goes on and I will have another scan in six months time, but this, right now is a big battle won, so we are going to shout about it, celebrate it and enjoy the moment. :)

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.

Carpe viam.

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