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Project 365 040/365 The Dream

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on February 9, 2010 at 5:00 PM
Day 040/365. The Dream


"Bert. BERT. Bert!!!! Wake up!"

"Ugh, egh, uh 'ello Fred."

"You've dozed off me old egg cup!"

"Sorry Fred, but you know I was having the weirdest dream, first of all we found an impostor amongst us all dressed up in shiny clothes but a reall smart egg if you know what I mean?"

"Weird" said Fred with a flicker of interest.

"Then we had this mad party, which really cracked us all up and Creamy the impostor went into total melt down leaving just his clothes behind and I had the hangover from Hell and a javelin sticking out of my head!"

"Well you can relax now Bert me old mucker, it was just a dream and anyways we have a holiday to look forward to with nothing as wild as your dream I can promise you!

But Fred was winking when he said this...

Groovy word of the day: eggsistential.

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