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Project 365 027/365 The Impostor

Posted by Adrian Ainsworth on January 27, 2010 at 3:50 PM
Day 027/365 (361/365) The Imposter

27/01/2010. "OK guys. We seem to have an issue here" whispered Fred out of the side of his moustache. " Fresh out of the box today and we are not all as we should be!"

"Yeah, who's the coy boy in the shiny suit?" asked Bert more boldly.

"Hey chill guys, what gives?" said Creamy unruffled "and er... what's with all this naked stuff man, am I at the wrong party?"

Bert looked at Fred with a wry grin - he was clearly not amused by the new Impostor. After a pause he said to Creamy, " No no my dear fellow,not at all, this is the right party, come on chaps - er let's get this party on the boil..."

Groovy word of the day: cracking.

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